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Have you ever been at that point in life where you are completely lost and have no clue about what you want to or should do with your life? Well, having graduated in Msc Luxury Management (Goods & Services) from the International University of Monaco, Monaco in June 2016, I encountered one such moment (or rather, a series of such moments which lasted roughly a month) and I never felt more ungrounded. I looked back and I couldn't have felt more satisfied or accomplished but I looked forward at the bottomless abyss ahead and I couldn't have been more scared or lost. Lying ahead of me was a clean slate where I was expected to write my story my way. I got to thinking and realised that there were three things I was passionate about - luxury, business and writing. That's when it hit me; I could blog about the luxury business. I could talk about marketing campaigns that inspired me and brands that I felt a deep connection towards. As the intent of this blog is to create a portal of expression about my personal muses, I will be writing about anything or anybody in the luxury industry that has touched me on a personal level, be it in fashion, beauty or even hospitality and travel. 

Although I have studied the luxury industry extensively, I still do not feel like I belong just yet and still feel like an outsider. Hence the name. If the luxury business ignites a passion in you like it does with me, then I believe my blog is the place to be. The forum is open to feedback and discussion so do feel free to share your thoughts and opinions. 


My name is Nirupama Esvaramurthi and I am a luxury enthusiast. You can read about my day job here. Or read my blog here. And get in touch with me, here

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