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Guerlain x Langham Afternoon Tea

Stepping into The Langham after having hurried through the wet streets of Tsim Sha Tsui , to escape the Pakhar drizzle , felt like a dramatic change in atmosphere. All in one flash. The loud traffic was replaced by soft heavenly music and the humid air, by cold air conditioning. I immediately noticed that a very refreshing and divine scent filled the air. A smell that exuded sophistication. A smell that was mildly floral, with a touch of green grass. But most importantly, a smell that had an immediate soothing effect on me. An effect that was exactly what I needed - given my inconvenient commute. Later I learnt that this Ginger flower scent was the Langham Signature scent customised exclusively by Air Aroma for the Langham brand. 

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We took a short flight of stairs that led us to the lobby of a rich beige palette. Stunned by the elegance of the ceilings that seemed to be inspired from the west, I stood there for a second oblivious to the man in a black suit and an ear piece that approached us for assistance. Thanking him politely for his direction, we headed to the Palm Court where the Guerlain Afternoon Tea was to be held. I looked in awe as I passed the beautiful chandeliers in the opulent hall. On entering the Palm Court my eyes fell on the rich gigantic perfume bottles on the display. Very Guerlain, I thought.

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As I made myself comfortable at the table reserved for us, I turned around to observe the scarcely filled surrounding which was quite opposite to what I had in mind for an afternoon tea. Sensing my friend’s restlessness, I turned around and read her expression right away - we were both expecting the afternoon tea to be outdoors or with a bit more of natural lighting. The waiter approached us and handed over the menu after greeting us with a pleasant smile and a slight bow. Lost in the wide variety teas of infusions and oolongs, I ordered the strawberry and kiwi infusion - and Olivia, the vanilla rooibos.

Deep in conversation sipping my fine choice of tea from the wedgewood porcelain of the langham rose, I looked up absent-mindedly a few times to find every passing waiter give me a warm smile. The hospitality was impeccable! As the most anticipated honeycomb stand of confectionaries arrived, I couldn’t control my excitement. Partly because I got to spend that rare quality time with Olivia - now that we live on two different continents - over the brand we both bonded over and love so much - Guerlain! It was quite obvious visually that the confectionaries were to pay homage to honey. Our waiter explained to us how the Guerlain Abeille Royale collection uses the various properties of honey for self repair and thus, the tea has incorporated honey in its confectionaries.

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While I did particularly enjoy Pastry Chef Matthieu Godard’s mille-feuille, I did feel the savouries could have complimented the confectionaries a tad better. My slight disappointment of not getting a hand massage was immediately forgotten by the genuine apology of our waiter while he gave the Abeille Royale sample kit. As reluctant as I was to leave , I felt very content from a very pleasant evening. Stepping out, a sudden thought crossed my mind - the tint of honey pineapple in the signature scent of the Langham and the honey infused Guerlain Tea, couldn’t have felt more perfect of a choice for a collaboration between the two brands.


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