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Inside My Bijoux Box

From considering jewellery as a pointless investment to now going above and beyond to find that one perfect piece to add to my collection, I’d say jewellery has grown on me like none other.

While the younger me preferred flamboyant and loud pieces, I see myself being drawn to more classic, versatile and minimalist pieces as I get older. However, irrespective of the stages in life, rich craftsmanship and design have been my holy grail in my choice of jewellery.

Inspired by Vogue, here are a few pieces from my collection.

Piece on repeat:

(From: Swarovski)

Gold metal with diamonds and navratna stones.

(From: TNN Gold and Diamonds)

Most cherished jewellery :

White gold metal with diamonds and amethyst.

(From: Viswa Devji)

Gold metal with uncut diamonds and emerald.

(From: VBJ)

An Heirloom from mum:

Gold metal studded with diamonds, emeralds and Mother pearls.

(From: Kirtilals)



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