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The World of Art and Design

My love for design stems from my mother. She introduced me to the world of art and design. Growing up, we’d spend hours together bonding over the exquisiteness of - jewellery, architecture & interiors, furniture, textile - Just. About. Everything! While it was only natural of me to appreciate all things beautiful, it wasn’t until quite recently that I developed a curiosity about the designer and the story behind each piece. It was when I stumbled upon Sabine Marcelis’s candy cube on instagram and I was inclined to know more. This led me into this magnificent world of designers and their work. Despite the expansive world of design, the work of very few designers resonates with you like none other. It could be their story, their craft or anything in between. The following three are mine.

Candy Cube by Sabine Marcelis

Material: Resin

(Source: here)

Sabine Marcelis

Soft colours and translucency drew me to Sabine’s work and I was curious to know more about the material and the reason behind her choice of specific colours. While there isn’t a work of her’s that I do not love, these three would be my top picks.

Coffee Table; Material: Resin, Onyx.

(Source: here)

Glass Console; Material: Gradient Coloured Glass.

(Source: here)

Totem lights; Material: Resin, Neon lights

(Souce: here)

Ben Young

The compelling colour of the oceans drew me to Ben Young’s work. Each of his pieces were so incredibly beautiful and it felt like they all had a story to tell. While his work is visually very pleasing, I was mind blown on learning that they were all handmade by the designer himself.

Silence; Material: Laminated clear float glass, concrete, cast bronze.

(Source: here)

Detachment; Material: Laminated clear float glass, concrete, cast bronze.

(Source: here)

New Land II; Material: Laminated clear float glass, concrete.

(Source: here)

Saerom Yoon

My exposure to Saerom Yoon’s work is fairly recent. Said to have taken inspiration from nature and her effortless beauty, the gradience in his crystal series stays with me, etched in my mind forever.

Crystal Series; Material: acrylic.

(Source: here)

Crystal Series

Material: acrylic.

(Source: here)

Crystal Series

Material: acrylic

(Source: here)

As I look at each of their work individually, I am reminded of the work of Shiro Kuramata. Through the light’s play in Sabine’s pieces, the gravity defying work of Ben Young and through Saerom Yoon’s work with acrylic. I also see the translucency in each of their work and nature being each of their inspiration, as common factors connecting these three incredibly talented designers. Designers whose work I’d want to adorn my home with.

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