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Vocal for Local

It wasn’t until quite recently that I learnt that all products that come with authenticity certifications aren't necessarily ‘authentic’. While the lockdown has instilled in us the importance of supporting homegrown brands and sustainability at large, fraudulent authenticity certifications have now taught me to do an extensive search on brands before purchasing any product. Having done so, I find myself not just growing fond of the brand but also developing a sense of loyalty and trust towards them.

Following are brands that I have grown to like for their transparency, authenticity and of course, designs.



My exposure to linen sarees began on introduction to the brand Anavila. Their sarees exuded such class and sophistication while maintaining minimalism and simplicity. This has indeed altered my perception of sarees from function wear to everyday wear. The mindful creation of these hand made sarees by local artisans and the brand’s role in supporting these craft and artisan clusters has made Anavila a personal wardrobe staple.


Minimalistic design and the neutral shade of the Champa sweatshirt drew me to this loungewear line by Leocanet Hemant. Said to be made using the technique of Ayurvastra, this line is the epitome of purity and elegance. The fact that their clothes signify ‘being’ rather than ‘representative’ clothes, their zero waste component and their WRAP and SEDEX certified working conditions are added proof for my claim of this brand as an invaluable find.

(Source: here)



I have to admit my non-existent knowledge about Indian perfumes until I discovered Naso. The words ‘Green perfumery’ caught my eye and urged me to look more into the brand. While my initial attraction to the brand was purely superficial such as clean packaging and it’s highly sustainable process - they practice traditional perfume making techniques using spices from India and are free from synthetic essences - the fact that there isn’t a perfume of theirs that one would not fall in love with, has gotten me addicted to this new gender fluid, luxury perfumery.

Fragrances: Tamarind Bergamot, Gardenia Marigold, Musk Amber Saffron.

ISAK Fragrances

Based in Lucknow this brand’s artistic approach to perfume-making shows their passion for their craft - a craft that has been practiced for 160 years at that. Said to follow traditional infusion and distillation techniques and blended by hand, each bottle sure is a work of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

(Source:here )



While the clean and 360° sustainability aspect of ASA beauty needs no mention as it is everywhere on social media with celebrities and influencers talking about this 92% vegan luxury brand, what truly stood out to me was the versatility of their products and the fact that it catered specifically to indian skin tones. Consider me one of those with bad experiences in finding the right shade with international beauty brands. Be it ASA’s initiative towards women empowerment, clean awakening or minimalistic reusable packaging - consider me sold!

(Source: here)


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